Princess Anne diet: Royal is ‘epitome of health at 71’ as ‘busiest royal’ – stays ‘active’ – Daily Express

December 18, 2021 by No Comments

She said: “At any age, maintaining a healthy weight is always important, however as people get older, it does get more difficult.

“The fact that Princess Anne exemplifies good health shows that she must lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

“While the usual weight loss rules would have applied, such as burning more calories than she consumed, eating lean meat, reducing sugary foods with little to no nutritional value and avoiding fad diets, there are additional things that I believe Princess Anne would have done.

“As you become older, you lose muscular mass. Strength training can help to compensate for this.

“Princess Anne is arguably one of the busiest royals and is known to lead a very active lifestyle with occasional horse riding.

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