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If you’re looking for easy ways to lose weight now, and want a list of healthy foods to eat that help burn fat naturally, there are tricks to losing weight without dieting, but they may not be what you think. What does not work, science tells us, is extreme dieting and calorie restriction. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the secret to losing weight and keeping it off can be found in the produce aisle, not in extreme dieting. Counting calories is the opposite of what you need to do for lasting success. The key to losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight your whole life is fairly simple, and it involves prioritizing foods that are whole and plant-based, not processed or full of animal fat.

In a follow-up study that looked at 14 contestants from The Biggest Loser six years later after being on the show, all of them had gained back weight, even after successfully shedding enormous amounts of fat on a quick-fix program, driven largely by extreme calorie restriction, exercise, and the motivation of being seen in spandex on national TV. The ratings were high, but the weight loss success was fleeting. That’s because of what experts call “metabolic adaptation,” where the body learns to slow down its metabolism in response to being starved. Long after the fad diet is over, the body still burns up to 500 fewer calories a day, which is significant, the study found.

According to an Australian study into why extreme diets don’t work, people who try extreme calorie-restricting diets end up gaining more weight than those who don’t, since by virtually starving yourself, your body gets confused and believes that you’re not kidding around; to survive, your brain tells the body to put itself into power-saving mode. When, after the extreme diet is done and you go back to eating normally, your body continues to store the calories as fat, to insulate you against starvation. The result is that just by eating the same amount of calories as you did before, you gain weight. The researchers’ conclusion: “Dieting to lose weight can contribute to the risk of future obesity and weight gain.” Ouch.

So what does work for losing weight, when all is said and done? There are five basic rules that people who have lost weight and kept it off follow. These are not diets, nor do they require counting calories. They do require that you toss the junk food, the processed carbs, and the added sugar, oil, fat, and essentially anything that comes in a bag (chips) or a box (cookies) or lasts longer on a shelf than it logically should (pop-tarts). French fries are out (added oil, sorry), but a …….

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