Can A Christmas Diet Really Harm Your Skin? Here’s What Derms Say – Refinery29

December 21, 2021 by No Comments

Sugar is a little more complicated — and another aspect of our diet that’s often demonised for causing skin issues, says Kelly. “Though more research is needed, there is indeed a growing body of evidence suggesting that high glycemic index foods (i.e. those that cause a spike in our blood sugar levels) may negatively impact our skin.” Dr Mahto explains that there is data which shows that in female adult acne, for some people, eating a lot of food that is high in refined sugars (she cites cakes, biscuits and pizza among other examples) could cause this spike. It’s important to hold onto the words ‘a lot’ here. Without subjecting you to a snooze-worthy science lesson, Dr Derrick Phillips, consultant dermatologist and British Skin Foundation spokesperson, says it is thought that spikes in sugar increase the levels of the hormone growth factor 1. “This stimulates oil production and increases inflammation, promoting acne. But it is likely to be an important effect with long-term dietary behaviours.” Dr Mahto also mentions that we’re wearing face masks constantly nowadays so breakouts may be caused by many different factors — not just the odd handful of Celebrations.



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