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SUPPLY | 14/12/2021 | 11:35

by Giulia De Maio

During the interesting event organized at the beginning of the month by SINSEB, the Italian Nutrition, Sport and Wellness Society, aimed at doctors, biologists, dieticians, physiotherapists and pharmacists, a very topical issue was addressed for those involved in diets, sports, health and well-being: le low carb diets in sports, from the Zone to the ketogenic diet.

For the insiders but also for us enthusiasts it was a good opportunity to better understand the diets with a reduced intake of carbohydrates that many cyclists also use and those with anti-inflammatory action, increasingly recommended in sports and beyond.

The Dr. Stefano Righetti, cardiologist and member of the Enervit team, reiterated the effectiveness of the Zone diet, which is based on three pillars:balanced intake of carbohydrates-proteins-fats (in percentage 40:30:30), Omega-3 and polyphenols. “In the” pyramid of the zone “we recommend large quantities of fruit and vegetables, low quantities of foods containing saturated fats and Omega-6, preferring instead those with Omega-3, and a moderate intake of proteins and carbohydrates, choosing those with a low index glycemic – he began. – The use of the Zone diet in sport can have some advantages: in particular on the optimization of the adaptation to training, on the contrast to immunosuppression, on the reduction of the risk of injuries, on the control of body composition, on the improvement of absorption of iron “.

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