Josh Taylor and fiancee stick to Christmas diets ahead of title fight and 2022 wedding – Edinburgh Live

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East Lothian boxing champion Josh Taylor and his fiancee will be sticking to strict portions this Christmas as the pair look forward to 2022.

Josh and fiancee Danielle Murphy are expecting next year to be a big one, with the undisputed boxing hero already training for his world title fight.

And ahead of the boxing match, Danielle revealed that Josh is watching his weight over the festive period.

Danielle said: “Josh has been away down south, training hard in camp and by this time he’s in great shape, which will only get better and better.

“I’m looking forward to him coming up for Christmas but there will be no mad partying.

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“We’ll have a proper Christmas dinner. He’s got some appetite when he’s not in training but he’s got to watch his weight for the fight.

“I’m in the same boat because I’ve got a wedding dress I need to fit into in a few months. The wedding isn’t until June but I’m definitely in that mindset at the moment.”

With the wedding plans already well underway, Danielle shared that she is also having to organise a huge number of friends and family’s trip to Glasgow for Josh’s fight.

Speaking to the Record, the hairdresser admitted that during fights she is ducking, diving and throwing virtual punches every minute while he’s fighting for glory.

Danielle said: “When I’ve watched back Josh’s fights I can see that the TV picks me out from time to time and it’s a bit of a cringe because I’m not exactly putting on my nicest face. I’m screaming at Josh in the ring and I’m rolling with the punches like I’m in there with him.

“And then I’ll see the other girls at ringside at fights, all keeping really calm and collected, not saying a word and I’ll always be thinking ‘I’ve got to be a bit more like them’.

“I’ve spoken to Josh about it and we’ve had a laugh and he just says I’m emotionally involved and I have to do whatever comes naturally. I personally don’t know how other partners can do it without showing their emotions.

“I suppose I have a wee bit of the mentalness in me as well.”

Danielle said the big fight will be tinged with sadness, as her dad …….



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