Martin Clunes weight loss: Actor lost 3 stone with simple and ‘easy’ diet – ‘it’s great’ – Express

December 18, 2021 by No Comments

Martin Clunes, 60, explained he managed to lose over three stone thanks to the 5:2 diet.

“It’s great – and it’s supposed to be good for cholesterol, too.”

He continued: “Now I do 6:1 and that seems to work fine.

“I eat anything I want on the other days.

“It’s easy and seems to keep the weight off me.”


The actor also attributed his weight loss to the regular exercise he practices on his farm.

“I have a couple of big horses and ride them.

“I’m very healthy.

“This is a difficult age, obviously, but I’m doing fine – I’m not on any medication.

However, for two non-consecutive days, slimmers should eat just 25 percent of their usual calorie intake.

That would be 500 calories for women and 600 for men.

There are no restrictions on foods but it is expected that women and men lose around one pound a week.



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