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Correspondent Ben Tracy asked actress Tabitha Brown, “Did you ever think you’d be making jackfruit tacos for your lunch?”

“Honey, absolutely not. Four years ago, I didn’t think I would been vegan. Who knew? Ain’t that something how life can change?”

If you were looking for someone to spread the gospel of plant-based eating, Tabitha Brown would have been an unlikely messenger, considering the food on which she grew up: “Honey, I grew up on everything. I’m from North Carolina, child; I done ate a little bit of things I should not have eaten – a lot of fried food, a lot of pork and beef, chicken, of course.”

Tracy asked, “So, what did you think of vegans?”

“I honestly thought, that’s for White people, particularly White women who do yoga, and maybe they’re in a cult,” she laughed. “Honey, that’s what Tab thought!”

Brown now believes giving up all animal products and going vegan herself is what finally ended her bouts of chronic pain and fatigue. But she never could have imagined what would also happen.

“And boy, did things happen – I could have never dreamt this or thought of this.”

Tabitha Brown serves up jackfruit tacos to correspondent Ben Tracy. 

CBS News

She took her daughter’s advice and started posting videos on TikTok, a healthy mix of what to eat, seasoned with a dash of how to live. The videos have racked up millions of views. She now has a bestselling book, “Feeding the Soul,” and several corporate partnerships.

She said, “My goal is not to judge anyone or force my lifestyle on anyone. My goal is simply to share what it did for me. And representation matters, right? So now, when people think of vegan, they also think of a Black woman with an afro, okay?”

Recipes from Tabitha Brown:

Just 5% of U.S. households are vegan or vegetarian. But these days there are plenty you might call “plant curious.” Many omnivores are now swapping out some meat for vegetables, in a diet often called “plant based,” or even “flexitarian.”

“Plant-based eating is a huge trend,” said Marie Molde, a food trends analyst at Datassential. She said about 25% of Americans now eat a flexitarian diet, and that plant-based is one of the fastest-growing terms on restaurant menus, up nearly 3,000 in just the past four years.

At lot of that is thanks to plant-based meat alternatives. Beyond and Impossible burgers have proven it’s possible to make plants taste like …….



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