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FANS are worried for Ryan Seacrest after he posted a photo of his new diet to social media, which consisted solely of broth.

The 46-year-old was said to be suffering from “exhaustion” due to his various entertainment gigs.


During a 2020 episode of American Idol, fans were concerned for Ryan’s health after a segment saw the host slur his speech and appear erraticCredit: ABC


He posted a photo to Twitter on Wednesday of his all-broth diet, which made fans nervous againCredit: Twitter/@RyanSeacrest

Ryan took to Twitter in late December to share a photo of his “Post Christmas diet,” as he captioned the post.

It featured three bottles on a table. They were labelled “first meal,” “second meal,” and “third meal” respectively, and under that they were each labelled a different type of broth.

Fans quickly expressed their shock and concern over Ryan’s new diet.

“I hope this is joke,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Bro, eat some food,” wrote another.

Broth is a liquid made of water with solids such as bones, proteins or vegetables cooked down. It is frequently used as the base for soup, but all-broth diets are popular for losing weight.


Last month, Ryan was spotted in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, enjoying a break from work with girlfriend Audrey Paige, 24.

But even then, the executive was seen taking phone calls.

The trip came after The Sun exclusively reported that Ryan’s friends held an intervention to get him to take a “breather” from working so hard.

“He’s been go-go-go for 20 years now and he is almost 50…” a source close to the DJ told us.

“We thought he would have slowed down and settled down by now. But that hasn’t been the case. He’s only gotten busier so everyone is worried about him and has been for years.

“He works hard and works nonstop… he will often skip solid meals and drink a green juice as a supplement so he doesn’t ‘waste time’ by sitting down and eating.”

Fans were worried when the TV personality was not present on Live With Kelly & Ryan alongside his co-host, Kelly Ripa, for multiple episodes in November.

Kelly Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, filled in when Ryan was out.


During a 2020 episode …….

Source: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/4360681/ryan-seacrests-fans-worried-broth-diet-soup-burn-out/


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